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We Are Makers

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Our Story

Kate & Jack Lennie Glasgow, Scotland, UK Kate and Jack Lennie are makers themselves. They know first-hand both the joy of honing a craft and the frustrations of going it alone while trying to gain visibility for their work. The pair met while studying Product Design at Edinburgh Napier University and have since taken on various creative projects. Jack works in film and television as a special effects engineer. Kate founded Ardent Leather after a stint as a children’s furniture designer and is now working full time on the We Are Makers publication. Kate and Jack have created a place to share experiences, journeys and ambitions; a network where conversations and collaborations between crafts and trades can begin. We Are Makers is an opportunity to overcome the frustrations and loneliness of the independent craftsperson. By uniting makers, it channels that contagious joy of being surrounded by people who love what they do.


It takes six months to produce one edition from start to distribution. The curation, interviews, proofreading and design are all taken care of by our very small team. When you purchase a copy of the publication, you are not just supporting We Are Makers as a publication, but you are also supporting all the independents featured inside.

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